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Tuscany wine tour

Chianti Wine Tour

  • 8 hours
  • 1 Private Premium Winery Tour & Tasting
  • Fine-dining lunch at Dario Cecchini restaurant



Travel through the most picturesque landscape, discover the wine capital of Tuscany, enjoy a hearty, local meal and visit a historic winery.

Chianti Territory

Who is not tempted to visit the land of wine, the heart of Tuscany, the famous Chianti region? It is the perfect place to take it slow, adore the fairytale landscape and its unique colors: the sea of silver olive trees, the green geometry of the vineyards, the roads lined with towering cypresses and yellow broom. In ancient times, this area looked more like a highland than a hill land. Except for one main road, Chianti was not accessible, preserving it from destructive invasions after the decline of the Roman Empire.

From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, it was a continuous battlefield between Siena and Florence which both wanted power over this area. In fact, the castles and fortresses that lie on top of many hills are evidence of this glorious and tormented past. When the medieval wars ended, the landlords started to cultivate the territory with olive groves and vineyards.

The Sangiovese grape was among the first to be planted and remains the most important cultivar because it gives Chianti wine the potential to age well.


- Premium tour and tasting at Ruffino Winery
- Fine-dining lunch at world-famous Dario Cecchini Restaurant: enjoy the true Bistecca Fiorentina!
- Visit the wine town of Greve in Chianti and the charming village Montefioralle

  • Day 1: Morning

    Private Guided Winery Tour at Ruffino

    In the morning you will be welcomed at Tenuta Poggio Casciano, Ruffino’s flagship winery. During the guided tour you will visit the wine cellar, the vineyards, the beautiful gardens and learn about the history of winemaking in this area.

    Founded in 1877, this winery is one of the oldest in Tuscany. The wines produced here have earned many prestigious awards, both past and present, and were even appointed as the official supplier to the Royal House. Soon after, the label Ruffino was known all around the world, not least because it was the first Chianti wine to be exported to the United States.

    During the years of Prohibition, Ruffino wine continued to be shipped to the United States as an “anti-stress medicine.” In the height of La Dolce Vita years – the 1950s and 1960s – this winery and wine were the epitome of celebrity glamour. Sophia Loren, Vittorio De Sica and Marcello Mastroianni were all photographed with Ruffino’s iconic “fiasco” bottles in hand.

    Chianti DOCG and Supertuscans: a comparison of stories, myths and different wine styles. This unique tour takes you through the vineyards at Ruffino’s Poggio Casciano estate, up to the winery and down through the impressive ageing tunnel.

    The special focus is on the winemaking differences between two of Tuscany’s most prized styles: DOCG and Super Tuscans. Once you have learned what sets them apart, it will be time to taste! This experience includes a tasting of two DOCG labels and two Super Tuscan labels alongside their extra virgin olive oil and a selection of local meats and cheeses.

  • Day 1: Lunch