Torre Rosazza, The Quintessence Of Friuli


Torre Rosazza, The Quintessence Of Friuli

27 February 2022

The Grand Wine Tour is pleased to welcome Torre Rosazza, a a splendid estate located on the Colli Orientali

Starting this year, Torre Rosazza will officially be part of the Association. With Torre Rosazza The Grand Wine Tour arrives for the first time on the bright hills of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia.


The Palace, considered as a work of Fine Art for its original architectural structure that reveals Tuscan influence, it is surely a sight to behold even from afar. The extraordinary beauty of the surrounding landscape has earned the town the name «Poggiobello», or “the beautiful hill”.

Skillfully incorporated at the foot of the building, the winery’s construction in 1976 attentively considered the utmost respect of the landscape. It expands over three floors underground to make use of the natural cool temperature under the hill and features two external structures. The aging area has a historic part that aligns with the Cavalîrs («silkworms») tasting room located above, as well as a more recent construction for the grapes from the new vineyards planted by Genagricola.


The vineyards are also in harmony with the surrounding landscape: the terraces on the steepest slopes are present every two rows, and rainwater flows in different reservoirs where some wild bird species find shelter in summer.

A place teeming with history and expertise, this is where Friulian art of winemaking fully expresses itself. Its devotion to the territory and to single varietal wines, the enhancement of native varieties and respect for international ones, which have been cultivated in this area for centuries. Torre Rosazza produces modern wines: exceptionally fresh whites but also powerful native reds like the company's flagship wine, Ronco delle Magnolie.