Who we are

The Mark of Excellence

TGWT is the very first Mark of Excellence distinguishing Italian wineries that have achieved high standards in hospitality.

Its exclusive use is limited to wineries that guarantee standards of excellence and professionalism as stated in TGWT Charter of Quality and have signed the TGWT Manifesto, committing to observe the ten principles contained therein.

La Carta della Qualità TGWT

The TGWT Charter of Quality includes 50 evaluation parameters, divided into three sections (Tour & Tasting, Restaurants & Hospitality, Wine), with each parameter gradable with a score from 1 to 5, on a total scale of 170/170.

The minimum score for the Tour & Tasting section is 50 points out of 170.The minimum score for the Wine section is 40 points out of 170.

The Tour & Tasting and Wine sections also have some conditions for participation: these are mandatory requirements that the wineries must necessarily fulfill.

Obtaining an overall minimum score of 75/170 and ensuring compliance with the aforementioned conditions, establishes the suitability of each winery to request membership to the TGWT Association and, consequently, to use its Mark of Quality.

Il Manifesto
Charter of Quality

Organo Tecnico

The Grand Wine Tour association has set up an external Board of Inspection for the periodic verification of the compliance of each winery with the Mark of Quality.

The Technical Body is currently headed by Dr. Roberta Garibaldi, researcher, professor of food and wine tourism and member of the board of the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism.

Her duties include the inspection of the cellar as well as the services offered and the assessment of the suitability of the accommodation facilities.

  • 3 evaluation sections

  • 50 parameters of assessment

  • An external and independent Technical Body to verify compliance with the Charter of Quality

  • Periodical inspections