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Colli di Luni Wine Tour

  • 6 hours
  • 1 Private Premium Winery Tour & Tasting
  • Fine-dining lunch



Colli di Luni Wine Tour

Colli di Luni Territory

Today, Luni is a small town in view of the Ligurian Sea, sitting between the Cinque Terre and Carrara, of Michelangelo’s marbled fame. In fact, it was this strategic location in relation to Carrara that may have lead the ancient Romans to build a colony here in 177 BC. The harbor, whose crescent-moon shape possibly gave origins to the area’s name (luna is “moon” in Latin and Italian), was an important stopping point for marble to be shipped by sea from Carrara to Rome.

Luni grew from a small agricultural colony to an impressive city over the centuries, even though it was often raided due to its proximity to the sea. One legend demonstrates both Luni’s irresistible siren-call to invaders and its magnificence in later centuries: apparently, in 860, the Danish pirate Hastings landed in Luni, where he plundered and set the city aflame—all because he thought that the impressive and beautiful city must be Rome! Luni yo-yoed through periods of economic splendor and sudden declines in wealth and population (thanks, Hastings) until it was eventually abandoned.

The Luni gave their name not only to the modern-day city, but also to the Lunigiana valley between Liguria and Tuscany, the wine zone Colli di Luni (Hills of Luni), and even to a winery that sits not five minutes away from the site: Lunae.


- Private Premium Tour & Tasting at Lunae Winery
- Fine-dining lunch 

  • Day 1: Morning

    Private Guided Winery Tour at Lunae

    Lunae was born from the dreams and passion of Paolo Bosoni, who inherited the family land in 1966 and switched its activities from agricultural to winery operations.

    Lunae’s vineyards are located in eastern Liguria, near the Apuan Alps, within the wine zone of Colli di Luni DOC.  The winery’s core belief is that high quality, cultivated in the vineyard, can be preserved in the cellars through careful and respectful work in all stages of production.

    Lunae is known for its white wines and is considered one of the best producers of Vermentino. In particular, its Vermentino Riserva Etichetta Nera, or Black Label, stands out: a white wine with great structure and elegant aromas of wildflowers, aromatic herbs, spices, ripe fruit, and honey.

    The winery and wine shop are found inside an ancient country house that has been beautifully restored. Here, guests can also visit a museum dedicated to winemaking traditions and enjoy a guided wine tasting paired with local foods.

    Wine Tasting

    - Etichetta Grigia Colli di Luni DOC Vermentino
    - Etichetta Nera Colli di Luni DOC Vermentino
    - Cavagino Colli di Luni DOC Vermentino
    - Numero Chiuso Colli di Luni DOC Vermentino Limited Production (around 2000 bottles per year)

    Food included in the tasting

    - Crunchy Campagnolo bread bruschetta with Extra Virgin Olive Oil "D’ORO", made with a very limited selection of property's olives
    - Crunchy Campagnolo bread bruschetta with Lardo of Colonnata I.G.P.
    - Taggiasca olives
    - Three typical Ligurian Focaccia

  • Day 1: Lunch