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Roma Wine & Food Tour

  • 8 hours
  • 1 Private Premium Vineyard & Winery Tour
  • Fine-dining private lunch + wine pairing



Explore the Roman countryside and discover the area’s pioneering wines.

Agro Pontino Valley Territory

The Agro Pontino Valley lays about 50 kilometres southeast of Rome, along the coast in the Pontine Marshes. The former marshland has been undergoing various drainage and development projects since the time of the Romans, and was finally made inhabitable in the 20th century. A network of canals built post-World War II have successively dried the valley out and has turned into an agricultural hub for wheat, fruit and vineyards. The area’s proximity to sea ensures that the vineyards are well-ventilated with the style of winemaking was studied from other famous coastal areas including Bordeaux, California and Australia.


- Private Premium tour and tasting at Casale del Giglio Winery
- Private lunch at the family’s property

  • Day 1: Morning