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Valtellina Wine Tour

  • 8 hours
  • 2 private Premium Winery Tour & Tasting
  • Lunch in a traditional restaurant



Enter the valley and gaze upon the magnificent terrace system comprising stone walls that spread for 2500 kilometers

Valtellina territory

A truly extraordinary series of small cultivated plots supported by a unique system of dry stone walls (recognized as a UNESCO Heritage Site), making it possible to grow vineyards in the Rhaetian Alps steep, sunny areas. It is estimated that if the walls were placed in a straight line to make a single wall, it would be about 2,500 kilometres long. The most widespread grape variety is Nebbiolo, locally known as Chiavennasca, but other important Valtellina varieties include Rossola, Pignola and Prugnola. Among the DOCG wines, do not miss the Sforzato, a red straw wine, or the Valtellina Superiore, made with grapes from the area between Berbeno di Valtellina and Tirano, that can be divided into the five subregions Maroggia, Sassella, Grumello, Inferno and Valgella. Stop by a local winemaker and try the fruits of their heroic labor!


- Premium Private tour and tasting at Balgera Winery
- Fine-dining lunch
- Premium Private tour and tasting at Nino Negri Winery
- Visit of Sondrio

  • Day 1: Morning

    Private Guided Winery Tour

    The Balgera wine cellar is located in the ancient residence of the noble Quadrio family in Chiuro. The founder was Pietro, who traded Valtellina wines in Switzerland in the 19th century. Today the wine cellar is conducted by Paolo Balgera. He works in the sign of tradition, of the ancient “know how to make wine”, in the continuous improvement of winemaking techniques and in the modernization of the cellar systems. The range of wines is progressively expanded in various qualities and diversified in taste and aromas. From generation to generation, also the sons Luca and Matteo show an innate passion for wine, in the sign of the family tradition. The company works Nebbiolo, called locally “Chiavennasca”, producing selected range of wines: from the denominations “Valtellina” and “Valtellina Superiore”, with the various subzones, to the Reserves, selected for various types of Sforzato di Valtellina, and some whites, sparkling wines and raisins. Balgera also processes a grappa of Sforzato.

    Winery Tour & Tasting

    Private Premium visit of the cellars and tasting of five iconic wines

  • Day 1: Lunch

    After the winery tour you will enjoy a fine-dining lunch at La Fracia Restaurant, the menu is traditional, featuring authentic cuisine.

    Taste the flavors and recipes that have defined this region for centuries:

    - Selection of artisanal cold cuts
    - Classic Pizzoccheri from Valtellina with heart of Savoy cabbage and potatoes
    - Braised veal cheeck served with potatoes purée
    - Dessert

    Wine pairing not included, to be paid separately to the restaurant

  • Day 1: Afternoon

    Private Guided Winery Tour

    Casa Vinicola Nino Negri, founded in 1897, is located in Chiuro in the old fifteenth-century Castello Quadrio. It is one of the most renowned wineries in Valtellina and a synonym for Valtellina wines all over the world. Great commitment is demanded at every moment of vine-growing in Valtellina, a difficult, but rewarding landscape winemaking is often called “heroic”. For over 100 years, Nino Negri has given this commitment, nurturing the grapes’ potential and literally handcrafting wines of superior quality and character. All vineyard work, including vineyard management and harvest is done entirely by hand along the terraces supported by a myriad of age-old dry stonewalls, a symbol of this valley. During the harvest the grapes are transported down the mountain by helicopter so as to get them to the winery as quickly as possible.

    Winery Tour & Tasting

    Private Premium visit of the cellars and tasting of four iconic wines, Sfursat Carlo Negri included, paired with local food specialties.

    Enjoy free time to walk through Sondrio

    Sondrio is quite a small town which can be easily explored on foot and has only a population of approximately 22,000 inhabitants. Centuries ago, Sondrio was a military camp for the Roman Empire but the present day town was established by the Lombards. After the Lombard Empire fell down it became a part of the Holy Roman Empire and much of the region was managed from here. The heart of Sondrio is Garibaldi Square. Not far from it is the Palazzo Sassi, that is home of the Art and History Museum of Valtellina. In a dominant position, near the ancient road to the Valmalenco, linking the town to Switzerland, stands the Masegra Castle, housing the Historical Museum of the Grisons Domination. The church of Santi Gervasio e Protasio rebuilt in Neoclassical-style in 1838, was built in the 12th century as a Romanesque pieve and collegiate church. Other sights include the Torre Ligariana, once the collegiate’s bell tower, and the Palazzo Pretorio, once the seat of the Grisons government.

Cosa è incluso:

  • 2 private Premium Winery Tour & Tasting

  • 1 lunch in a traditional restaurant

  • Visit of Sondrio

Cosa non è incluso:

  • Gratuites

  • What is not mentioned in “what’s included”